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Well-Child Check

We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics well child visit schedule. Well-child visits help track your child's growth to ensure appropriate development and provide a great opportunity to establish a long-lasting relationship with your pediatrician.

Urgent Care Visits

We do not treat life-threatening conditions. Those conditions need to be evaluated and treated in the Urgent Care or ER setting.


For non-emergent matters, we are able to treat children from newborns to eighteen years of age. We work closely with families to deliver appropriate care.


We believe in vaccines and its abilities to prevent life-threatening illnesses. Thus, we highly recommend all patients to receive vaccines according to the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Given our strong belief in vaccines, we have a vaccine policy at our clinic. Please refer to our clinic policy for details. 

Sport Physical

Sports physicals are available at our clinic. We recommend sports physicals to ensure appropriate screenings prior to your child participating in athletic activities. 

Developmental Screening

We highly believe in early prevention. Thus, we work diligently with all families to screen for a child's development during wellness exams. We also encourage families to share their concerns so that we can monitor and intervene with appropriate guidance and care. Our goal is to ensure all children meet or exceed their milestones at every visit.

Depression Screening

Depression is real and under-detected in pediatric population. At Family Choice Pediatrics, we work with families to screen, identify, and provide timely treatment to prevent undesired outcomes.

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